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With more than a decade of experience within the games industry, I'm a social creative,
a new media pioneer and advocate for building a more positive online culture.

my name is jared rea

Social Media Manager & Online Content Producer

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main skills

I am a swiss army knife of valuable new media skills and talents

Social Media
Adobe Creative Suite
Live Streaming
Project Management

Get to Know me

I entered the games industry as an independent journalist where I rapidly ascended the field, writing for more than a dozen online and print publications before pursuing a full-time career in community management. There I combined my love for online storytelling and content creation with my passion for connecting audiences. My approach to social media management is heavy on visual mediums with an emphasis on creating a strong brand voice backed by carefully curated influencers and new media strategy.

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/ resume

From launching alongside start-ups to revitalizing massive brands, to working with celebrity and creating
brand-new online stars, my experience has touched upon every corner of social media management.

Selected Works

For a full look at my experience, visit my LinkedIn

Social Media Manager, Nintendo of America


Assistant Social Media Manager for the most iconic name in video games, with a focus on digital titles and content creation across Nintendo's constantly evolving online social media presence.

Community & Social Media Manager, 2K


Combining years of online community management experience with a lifelong passion for professional wrestling, I revitalized the WWE Games brand with innovative, original content, including the #2KCommentTakeover event which garnered more than 2.1 million YouTube views in under 24 hours.

Community Manager - Twitch

2011 - 2014

As a pioneer of broadcast gaming, I was one of Twitch's original hires where I took its audience from 2 million to more than 55 million. Under my management, Twitch's social media presence grew 5x year-over-year on all maintained platforms, thanks to a unique approach in building a brand voice around new media influencers.

Community Manager - DeNA West


As Community Manager for the entire line-up of DeNA / ngmoco mobile titles, I completely revamped its social operations at a corporate level, netting the "Mofo Recognize" award for reaching key milestones in October 2011.

[Jared's] creative flair helped make Twitch's voice and social media what it is today.

Jason Maestas

Jared is an impressive source of passion, pop-culture wit and video game expertise.

Ludwig Kietzmann

[...] a fantastic colleague and valuable mentor.

Keane Ng

I was extremely happy with Jared's professionalism and insight when we worked together [...]

Mark Julio, Client

His extensive knowledge of the community [and its] idiosyncrasies allows him to create content that is unique and highly viral.

John Choi, Client

/ portfolio

Take a closer look at my cross-discipline approach to social media management.

Stay tuned for a fancy, new portfolio! In the meantime..
Check out this presentation of my recent social media work.

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Let's do great things together. Drop me a line today!

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