nodima asked:

Between the Power Bombcast and your entrance at the Pax East Rumble, you've managed to sell a copy of WWE 2K14 to someone who hasn't followed wrestling seriously since Brock Lesnar was just a glint in Mr. McMahon's eye and Kane still wore a mask. Congratulations, you're an incredibly bad influence.

Welcome back to the wild world of pro wrestling! Honestly, this is the greatest time to be a fan. WWE has never been better with an incredible roster backed by NXT and bolstered by the arrival of the Network. New Japan Pro has struck a perfect balance of character building with incredible in-ring work, and its even easier to get into thanks to online communities and international streaming options.

And most importantly.. Wrestling just feels cool again, and in a way that isn’t super-cringey like it was in the Attitude Era. When I see people wearing CM Punk or Daniel Bryan hoodies, I think that’s awesome. Remember when dudes used to walk around wearing shirts that said “Suck It?” Or how about “Slap Nuts?” Wrestling will never be high brow entertainment, but at least now as fans we can actually blend into the fabric of society.

Thanks for picking up the game, I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy just being a fan and don’t try and get too caught up in what the “smarks” think about the current state of things. If you like it, keep watching. If not, it’ll always be around to lure you back in eventually.

The World Inside of My Pocket

About a year ago I decided to start building something that resembled a private life. I stopped taking Instagram pictures of everything and left my phone in my pocket more often to focus on the memories I was creating. I stopped obsessively checking into locations on Foursquare and only did so for deals or if it assisted me in better communicating a story. I locked down my Facebook, I stopped tagging people in tweets and whatever I put out there in the world I did so with the idea that it was controlled and that everything else was for me and me alone.

I sincerely doubt that anyone noticed and that’s great. I feel a lot better about what I make available and my mental health has been a lot better because of it. Still, there is one aspect of this private life that I struggle with and that’s my relationship with Twitter and that nebulous space we all live in now where no one’s clear on where one’s job begins and ends.

I know where that line exists. It’s my pocket.

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My Favorite Pro Wrestling Moments of 2013

This was the year that I really came out of my shell as a fan of pro wrestling. My family started me young as I was planted in front of a TV and the WWF before I can even remember, and I haven’t stopped watching ever since. Not only did I start discussing it more on my Twitter feed (Much to the annoyance of many during PPV nights. Sorry!), but I also joined Alex Navarro and co. on the Giant Powerbomb Cast as a regular guest. It’s also the year that I finally returned to the world of Puroresu, something I haven’t done since the mid-90’s. Thank you to those who have let me ramble about pro wrestling in 2013, and who will continue humoring me in the new year.

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My Favorite Games of 2013

I played plenty of games in 2013, but not many that could be considered mainstream. The realm of triple-A gaming simply wasn’t appealing to me this year, and what blockbusters I did play didn’t leave much of an impression. Over the past few years I’ve been finding myself enjoying more experimental and bite-sized gaming experiences. As an adult (!) my spare time is far more valuable to me than when I was younger and so I seek out experiences that will stick with me long after I’ve put them away. These are my favorite games of 2013 and I love them very much.

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Anonymous asked:

Big fan of the PowerBombCast! Its the only time I get to here people talk about NXT. I have a nerdy question for you: if you were a wrestler what would your entrance song and finisher be?

Thanks for listening! The Powerbomb Cast is the only outlet I have to discuss pro wrestling at length, and I’m glad it’s found an audience.

This is indeed a nerdy question, but also one I think just about every wrestling fan has considered at one point or another. I’ve always thought that if I were to have an pro wrestler entrance theme, it’d have to be “How Soon is Now” by The Smiths:

My favorite wrestlers have always the more arrogant heel types: Mr Perfect, CM Punk, Owen Hart, Chris Jericho.. so I’d see myself going down that route as well. A great theme also doesn’t always have to hit hard. It’s more important that it just reflects the persona.

As for a finisher? Shining Wizard, all the way.

Even in some alternate universe where Jared is a pro wrestler, he’s probably still small. Shining Wizard is great because it doesn’t require any lifting, and depending on the variation, you can put all your weight behind it and have it look believable. Besides.. SHININGGGG WIZARDOOOOO!